My Crochet Story Printable

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What do stories and crochet have in common?

They have both been passed down from generation to generation. Lovingly learned and shared so the art can continue. 

What is your crochet story?

When did you start crocheting? 

How'd you learn?

What's your favorite yarn? favorite stitch?

Use this easy printable to record your crochet story and pass it down to future generations.

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Customer Reviews

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Love these charts. They make it So easy to keep track of projects etc


Although I have not printed off my purchases as yet I am sure they will be just the ticket I need.

My Story

This form can be used as an "ice breaker" exercise for the crochet fellowship at my church.

My Story, who cares?

When I downloaded the form I really wasn't sure what it was for. Do I fill it out and return it to you to fill some reference list of your users? Do I fill it out and keep it? If yes, why? Other reasons came to mind but, only these 2 made any sense. From the description above I'll go w/my 2nd thought.
I'm a 63 year old male, disabled, who needs a constructive hobby. Though I've looked at, and collected crochet and knitting patterns for awhile, I just bought my first needles and yarn.

I can't believe that any of my descendants would be interested in any of these answers. Considering my children and their lack of interest in marriage and children, I doubt that I'll have anyone to teach (if I succeed in learning).

Sorry if this sounds negative.

My Crochet Story Printable

Looking forward to adding it to my notebook!